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Lecture hall occupations are a legitimate means!

- Student parliament shows solidarity with End Fossil Occupy -

The group End Fossil Occupy had occupied lecture halls at RWTH in winter 2022 and spring 2023. They draw attention to the climate catastrophe and underline the responsibility of the RWTH.

In the Student Parliament (StuPa), we have made a strong case for solidarity with End Fossil Occupy. A motion has now been passed by a majority! "The student parliament recognizes lecture hall occupations as a legitimate means and component of democratic will formation. The AStA is allowed to inform about End Fossil Occupy and their activities."

It also supports the demands of End Fossil Occupy:
"Companies such as Shell, which generate their main profits from fossil energies or make most of their investments in fossil energies....
...should be excluded from the Career Days and other promotional events of companies at RWTH.
...shall not fund any research projects on climate crisis, environment and energy at RWTH."

The original position paper on:
A detailed explanation on Justification to the motion for solidarity with End Fossil Occupy
(Unfortunately both only in German available)

A new AStA is formed!

Florian from our list was elected as the new officer for sustainability and student engagement! This is the second year that we are providing the person for this position. You can also learn more about Florian as a person under the tab "Members". You want to know what Florian does in the AStA? Have a look here:

In addition, Janina from the Green University Group (GHG) was elected as the new chairperson. After that Marco (also GHG) was elected as the new Finance Officer and Karl (from the Liberal University Group) as the new Officer for Teaching and University Communication. Congratulations! With many fresh ideas and motivated people the new "AStA year" starts now.

It's getting exciting again

Who will decide the election for the 70th Student Parliament in 2022?

We are entering a new round and have a lot of ideas how to make the RWTH more just, diverse and green. More about that in the coming weeks.

To ensure that all RWTH students can hear about our ideas and use their vote, we've come up with a few things. But nothing works without money. Since we are politically independent, we are not funded by any "mother party". If you know people who have a few euros to spare for a good cause, please let them know about our crowdfunding campaign:

University elections from 20. to 24.6. - vote Campus For Future

You want to change something at our university? Come and get to know us at one of our meetings!

We want to shape the university just, diverse and green. We have many ideas and projects for this. You also want to make a difference, but are still looking for a motivated group? Get to know us at one of our weekly meetings. We always meet on Thursdays at 6pm. Our meetings are at the moment hybrid. Just drop us a line to get the location or zoom link.

StuPa-Begriffe erklärt

What do the terms "ordinary" and "deputy member of the student parliament (MdSP)" actually mean? An ordinary MdSP is entitled to vote during the parliamentary sessions. However, he/she can also give his/her voting card to an alternate MdSP.

And how does one become an ordinary MdSP? In the StuPa election, the 41 seats of the parliament are divided among the different lists according to the percentage of votes achieved. A list can get one or more seats in the StuPa. Our list was able to get 3 seats this year with 7.08% of the votes. Since we have more than 3 people on our list, only a part of us can be "regular MdSP".

On the ballot paper, however, only persons can be elected, no lists. One has quasi only a first vote (as a comparison to the Bundestag election). The persons who got the most votes from our list will be "ordinary MdSP". All other candidates, who received at least one vote, become deputy MdSP. Under "Members "you can find out which of us is a full member and which is an alternate member.

Theresa Janning

Head of department for sustainability and student engagement

On Aug. 11, 2021, our top candidate Theresa Janning was elected Sustainability and Student Engagement Officer. If you want to learn more about Theresa personally, go to our members section.To learn more about her work, check out the AStA website!

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