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- The list for more power in terms of sustainability at the RWTH -

Members - Part 2

Who is active at Campus For Future? Get to know us, what's important for us and what we want to achieve!

Silas Danz

Yes it's probably true. We are stuck in the slush pile. We've become too accustomed to the hip gold of comfort and we're making our climate goals worse. It's high time to push up the nose bike and snack on the Jell-O before it can't cool anymore. So let's leave the mumbo jumbo to Harry Potter and strengthen the RWtH in its sustainability. By the way, I'm Silas, 21 years old, and I study philosophy, literature and linguistics.

Marie Mehlfeldt

Hi! I'm Marie, 21 years old, and I'm studying medicine. Did you know that the university consumes more electricity than the households of all students combined? That's why I think it's important to work together and transform the institutions that are currently still driving climate change. To achieve this, I am counting on the cooperation of university employees, Aachen’s initiatives and the students’ self-government. 

Team work makes the dream work!


Florian Winkler

My name is Florian, I am 24 years young and I study physics and chemistry. I joined CFF to be able to actively do something against climate change. Let's work together to make our campus more attractive, sustainable and diverse. 

Alexander Duval

Heyo, I'm Alex, 24, and I study molecular biology at the RWTH. German universities will train engineers, teachers and scientists for the next decades. After their studies, they are released into the world and influence the course of our medium-term history in their professions. As a student, I do not feel supported and educated enough to deal with existing tasks of the century and to confront impending crises, such as the climate crisis. I am committed to ensuring that the RWTH arrives in the current century with its methods and topics and thinks about the future, in operations, research and teaching.

Noah Rensmann

Hello, I am Noah, 21 years old and study the brilliant subject physics. I wonder why the structures of the RWTH are so that we still have no plan to become climate neutral, but that this is only now being created. The structures should be so that new important topics of the future can be discussed well and quickly and a change is initiated quickly and well, where each of us can participate as a student.

Therese Liegmann

Hi there, I'm Therese, 23 years old, studying environmental engineering and economics in the master's program at RWTH. Especially the social aspect of sustainability is very important to me. There is still a lot of potential in administration, teaching and research, and also in lived and proclaimed philosophy. Our university must be more committed to climate justice, intercultural competence, and overall diversity and social justice.

Korbinian Mehlstäubl

Hi, I’m Korbi, 28, currently doing my masters in automotive engineering. I think we can agree that there is plenty to tackle. For example, I would like to integrate sustainability much more strongly into the curriculum. I think that every one of our sought-after engineers who leaves our university should know about the major technical challenges in fighting the climate crisis, and the same applies to every other field of study.

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